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About Us

We only use organic cotton garments.  This means the cotton which is woven into the fabric our products are made from is grown without the use of any pesticides or fertilisers.   These products are manufactured in a carbon neutral factory, powered by renewal (wind and solar) energy.

We then draw (geddit!) inspiration from the world around us, including club culture and counter culture, music, grafitti, tattoo art, and generally anything we come across that resonates with us.  We form ideas, and working with a group of incredibly skillful  and talented graphic designers and illustrators, turn them into something tangible.   

All our designs are then hand printed in Brighton, UK,  by seriously groovy dudes using the cleanest inks we can find, endeavouring to cut phthalate content in particular!

We try to minimise our environmental impact at every stage and utilise fully recyclable materials wherever possible. Even our mailing bags, which have to be waterproof for obvious reasons, are manufactured from sugar cane and can be recycled after use.  We hope that these measures will minimise any environmental impact our business has on the world, and if we can inspire others to strive to do the same, then all to the good.

We hope you like our clothes as much as we do..... from their lovely soft feel to their fun and edgy designs, we feel they instil a sense of happiness.... Random Happiness.

Random Happiness